Hi There.

I’m a trained Chemical Engineer (PE) who is working to become a full time developer.

When I first started college I wanted to be a computer science major, but some things got in my way. I also really like Chemical Engineering and have had a lot of fun in that field, but I really like programming as well.

Since college, I have always done some amount of programming. At first it was just running my own website. At my first job I worked on some engineering code that was built in Fortran, C, C++, and Python. I’ve always tried to fit a little development into whatever chemical engineering job I held at the time—usually building utilities to make my job easier! I have also volunteered for Code for Tulsa and Oklahoma’s Technology foundation: Techlahoma.

Because of my unique background, I’ve been able to develop some apps that might be usefully to a chemical engineer. I hope to release them soon.

I hope you like my site!

Author: Kendall Werts
Link: http://kendallwerts.com/2019/09/10/welcome/
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