Useful Mercurial Commands for Mozilla Central

Some helpful commands for using mercurial with Mozilla Central

hg pull

Get newest revisions. mozilla-central changes a lot, so this needs to be done at least daily and before any work is started

hg update

hg wip

Shows a nice graph of your revisions vs the revisions from central. Shows whether you need to rebase

hg status

Shows all files you have changed but not committed

hg status --rev central

Shows all files you have committed (or not commited) that are different from central. I.e. it can show you all the files in your patch at once if you’ve made several revisions

hg commit m "commit message"

mercurial does not have staging. Straight to commit.

hg rebase central

Make sure all your stuff is committed first

hg shelve
If you don’t want to commit the current changes

hg histedit <rev>
To squash and/or rename commits

Final commit message format:
Bug 577872 - Create WebM versions of Ogg reftests. r=kinetik

You may also want to change your default editor (unless you like using vi or vim). You can do that by adding an evironment variable:
export HGEDITOR=<your favorite editor>

hg revert <filename>
To remove changes to a given file

hg diff -r central
To show changes since central (all commits)

hg update -r <rev>
To change to a different rev

hg parent
If you get lost in your revisions–to show which you are on.

Tests to run:
./mach lint -l eslint -o

./mach lint -l wpt -l wpt_manifest -o

./mach mochitest browser/components/preferences/in-content/tests/
Run the relevant folder here. All Mochitests will take a long time to run.

Author: Kendall Werts
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